Two Suns Incense Sticks – Traces of Akoya

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Two Suns Incense Sticks
Two Suns Incense Sticks
Two Suns Incense Sticks
Two Suns Incense Sticks


Close your eyes and step into your vessel, Two Suns a hand-rolled map to your inner world. Begin by traversing with the embrace of Palo Santo into a forest of ancestral wisdom. Ascending hills of Birch Wood, lead you deeper into your soul's purpose. Suddenly, a burst of Red Mandarin sunlight illuminates from the hidden valleys of your heart space. The Juniper breeze carries you into realms that feel like home while the Jasmine clouds float on by. This aromatic journey unfolds like a map to the heart of warmth, brightness, and manifestation. Follow the stars of Two Suns as they light the way.

Illuminate the day with Two Suns. As the sun crescendos, ignite this aromatic to infuse your space with clarity and warmth. Allow the aroma to penetrate your mind guiding you to the center of your daily intentions.

Drawstring Bag (8)
Bamboo Tube (12)
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